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What you fly

Click pictures for pricing and aircraft specifications!

Cessna 150 Fleet

The perfect airplane to learn to fly and the most economical airplane to time build. We have TWO of them for increased schedule availability. 


Cessna 172

TFT has a fleet of two Cessna 172's. Our state of the art version includes new paint, new interior, and a brand new panel that we are sure you will enjoy! 


Cessna 310

Join us for multi engine land training! With Part 61, you can train at your own pace and go as fast as you like. We have the Multi Engine Instructors available to help you reach your goals. 


1967 Mooney M20F

Cross country machine! Speed and efficiency is what this airplane is all about. Accumulate your commercial complex time in this airplane and have fun!


Redbird Simulator (FAA Approved Training Device)

If you are looking to cut down on costs for your instrument rating, or are already a seasoned instrument rated pilot looking to keep your IFR currency, the Redbird simulator is a great fit. As an instrument rated pilot, it can be tough to keep your currency, this is a cost effect solution.

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